La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, USA

Maestro Huss served as Music Director and Conductor of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra from 1982-1993 and was awarded the title of “Conductor Emeritus” by this institution in 1999.

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Maestro Huss served as Titular Director and Principal Conductor of the Guadalajara Symphony from 1979-1981.  This website is only available in Spanish.

La Crosse Central High School, USA

The Hugo Huss Memorial Music Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior of La Crosse Central High School.

Virtual Arad Website, Romania

Take a tour of the city the Maestro called home for many years and wished to return to upon his death.  This is a Romanian language site, but has a nice slide show with city photos on the main page. 

Those who understand Romanian may wish to view the article about Maestro Huss by Mr. Hugo Hauptmann on the following page (please scroll down until you see his photos):

La Crosse Tribune, USA

This postmortem article by Terry Rindfleisch of the La Crosse Tribune pays a final tribute to Maestro Huss.


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Filarmonica de Jalisco

(Guadalajara Symphony Orchestra, Mexico)

Arad Philharmonic, Romania

These pages on the Arad Philharmonic are also hosted by the Virtual Arad Website; these are in English and contain several very nice photos of the Arad Concert Hall.

American Symphony Orchestra League

Maestro Huss was a long-year member of this organization.

Vedeţi pagina asta în limba română

(click here for Romanian language)

Rob Gonzalez, Singer-Songwriter and Pianist

Like Maestro Huss, Rob Gonzalez is a world-class music talent who has also happened to choose the city of La Crosse as his home.  In doing so, this gifted singer-songwriter and pianist has also immeasurably enriched the caliber of music in the Coulee Region.  With a passionate stage presence reminiscent of the Maestro, but with a style all his own, Rob Gonzalez is creating a unique musical culture and promising to put La Crosse on the musical map.


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